Piles of Stuff ~ 1

We stand in the middle of the house surrounded by random piles of stuff…stuff that we’ve decided we can’t live without for the next six months. There will be all combinations of weather conditions that we pray will be of the warm and sunny nature but we know this will not be true. There will be holidays, birthdays and assorted social gatherings that we will need to be prepared for. There will be hiking, biking, golfing, fishing, diving and kayaking opportunities thPacking 1at we will not want to pass up. We’ll have email to check, bills to pay, phones and gadgets to charge along with pictures to take. We’ll have campfires to build, steaks & seafood to grill, hotdogs and marshmallows to roast and dishes to wash. How do you successfully pack for a six month trip?

The last time we did this, three years ago, we had to think ahead for nine months. Our weather would vary from 90 degrees in Fort Myers, Florida to 40 degrees in Haines, Alaska. Our everDSC_0036yday experiences and adventures would be equally as diverse. SOOOOO our packing strategy was to bring everything! At least everything we could fit into, onto and behind our motorhome.

That strategy proved to create extra work we obviously hadn’t anticipated. We lugged golf clubs, extra chairs, gadgets, clothes, boots, sandals…a very long list of items were moved from crowded and cramped compartment to compartment, draw to draw, never to be used. We vowed to learn from this mistake.

As we stand looking at our numerous piles, we are reminded of our failed packing strategy. Hmmm…We wonder which of these items will be stuffed & crammed and shuffled back and forth but never used?

4 thoughts on “Piles of Stuff ~ 1”

  1. I am interested to learn what you guys left behind, will kick yourselves for leaving behind & what you could of/ should of left behind! 😉


    1. Haha…Yeah…Aimee…It’s been almost a week and it seems we have done well so far. We keep saying we will start a list but that hasn’t happened yet…don’t want to get too organized.


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