There Really is an App for That ~ 4

We continued to head south after leaving Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We had a brief layover in Statesville, North Carolina to visit family then pointed the RV towards Charleston, South Carolina. It was Tuesday and our plan was to be in Charleston for the weekend. We had some wandering time ahead of us.

I understand the importance of planning all the details for a trip. Sometimes I’m on a mission to check off activities and places that I’ve always wanted to visit and experience but my favorite part of traveling is wandering mode. “Lets head this way and see what happens.”

Technology has helped to make wandering a little less stressful for those neurotic types (yes, I am speaking of Neal) that just can’t go on an all out blind adventure. Although, I have to admit, in the old days (pre –IPhone & Garmin GPS) some of our aimless travels have landed us in some questionable areas and campgrounds as well as difficult predicaments. More than once we’ve had to detach our towing vehicle and back our 40 feet worth of stuff out of a dubious situation.

I am ashamed to admit (for someone that usually likes to fly with the wind) I have become very reluctant to be separated from my IPhone especially when we are traveling. As they say, “There’s an App for that.” There really is an App for everything. With a little poke of the finger, you can find rest & parking areas; gas, food & coffee stops (along with the best prices); directions to anywhere; weather forecast & tourist information for any destination; mountain biking & hiking trails; great motorcycle rides; great fishing spots; golf courses…Oh my gosh, I could go on and on.

The App that I rely most on is ALLSTAYS Camp and RV.  I purchased this App through the App Store on my phone photofor $9.99. It can be used on an iPad as well. The price seemed expensive compared to other apps I’ve purchased but it is well worth it. It can also be purchased for an Android through Google Play.

With locations services activated, the app opens to a map that photo[1]shows your location along with icons that represent various facilities that you may be looking for. There is a filter that can be managed that enables you to find national park, state, county, military or private campgrounds; Moose or Elk clubs; camping & sporting good stores as well as gas & repair services. It shows bridge clearances for a variety of heights along with road grades. Poke the icon for the service you are in need of and it shows all pertinent[3] If the facility has a website, you can connect directly to it and even make reservations. This App is a neurotic persons dream application.

 Oh no! Am I becoming as neurotic as Neal.




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