James Island County Park ~ Charleston S.C.~ 6

At the intersection of route 26 and 17 in Charleston, we head southeast towards James Island County Park. We weave our way through tunnels of remarkable live oak branches decorated with Spanish moss. We irrationally duck and wince wondering when a low limb will decapitate our motorhome. Of course the limbs are trimmed to precision and we have no worries.

Our Halloween Celebration
Our Halloween Celebration

We are pleased to discover that James Island County Park is a 643-acre playground – a paradise full of adventure and convenience. We stay at the full service campground in a spacious, wooded site (state park feel included) with a fire ring. The park has IMG_7699biking and hiking trails that lead to a multitude of adventures. There is a fishing & crabbing pier, climbing wall, water park, river for canoeing & kayaking and a dog park that even includes a beach and swimming area.

Each morning we head out for a walk or bike ride and find something interesting in the park. There is a flurry of action in preparation for the upcoming Festival of Lights. The festival runs from November 14th through January 1st and has been a highlight in the Charleston area for the past 25 years. It includes 700 displays using two million lights. During our stay we witness dawn to dusk display construction and light bulb inspection & testing. I think back to the frustration of some of our Christmas light fiascos and crinHFOL20144ge at the thought of two million lights. Sorry to say we had to pack up camp and head south before the onset of the festival – A good reason to return in the future.

IMG_7624 Out for a bike ride, I come across a dog agility competition in one of the three activity fields. There are a number of obstacle courses set up with a variety of dog breeds competing. All shapes and sizes running, jumping and navigating tunnels & seesaws. We lost our English Bulldog, Otis, to cancer last summer. It usually

Otis's answer to "Do you want to go for a walk?"
Otis’s answer to “Do you want to go for a walk?”

hurts to think about him but watching these pups makes me think of him and laugh. I picture Otis’s expression as he looks at the hurdles, tunnels and seesaws. “Are you F‘ing kidding me?” Then he would stubbornly lay down flat, rest his big head with his sloppy tongue between his paws and  defiantly stare me down.

In addition to being a self-contained play-land, James Island County Park is conveniently located to downtown Charleston and the many other areas (Sullivan’s Island, Patriot’s Point, Folly Beach, Fort Sumter) on our list to explore. We have lots to do during our stay here.


James Island County Park ~ $44.00 nightly


October 31st – November 5th 2014   high 74/low 40

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