Too Old to Party Like a Rock Star ~ 8

Once again my blogging plan has gone astray and become rather lax (unlike our social schedule of the last 6 weeks).I know we won’t get any sympathy…but how does one recover from a six week party?

At this moment, six weeks later, we are tattered and torn, bellies bulging and livers screaming headed to our next outing. On our drive to Charleston we nibbled on Halloween candy. Now we are listening to Christmas carols, driving north on Interstate 75 towards Tampa to meet our nieces and nephews to camp at Alafia River State Park.

As of my last post we were enjoying historical Charleston (South Carolina) and the surrounding islands. We had just spent a wonderful morning at Boone Hall Plantation and were on our way to
Patriots Point  ( to tour a variety of naval vessels…

Yup, it was six weeks ago that I  should’ve posted the pictures of the USS Yorktown (the 10th Aircraft Carrier to serve in the US Navy),




the USS Glamagore (the only Guppy III Submarine 
Preserved in the United States)





and the USS Laffey (a destroyer sunk at the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in November 1942)


as well as photos from the Medal of Honor Museum.









Yup, it was six weeks ago that we joked about who was more deserving of our happy hour drinks on Sullivan’s Island at Poe’s Pub…Neal for three hours worth of schlepping all over the grounds of Boone Hall Plantation or me for ducking and crawling through four hours worth of naval vessels.


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