Fort Sumter ~ Charleston S.C. ~ 9

Our weekend camping with our nieces and nephews was wonderful and relaxing. They have small children so, thankfully, there was no rock star cocktail hour, just playing with babies, cooking out, long walks and sitting around the campfire. A great weekend for two old farts on the mend. (stories and photos in due time)

I continue my blogging mission of catch up and flash back to November in Charleston, South Carolina…

In addition to Boone Hall Plantation and Patriots Point, we have Fort Sumter, where the cDSC_0017ivil war began in 1861, on our tourist list. The ferry ride to the fort is a bonus. It is a beautiful day for a ride in the Charleston Harbor. The entire trip, ferry DSC_0022ride to and from, along with touring the fort was a two hour venture.


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