Strike-outs, Discoveries and Finally the Jackpot ~ 10

It was damp and grey but it was our second day in Charleston and we were excited to explore the area. We headed out equipped with a very general map of the surrounding Islands (no GPS today). Our first stop, we decided, would be nearby Morris Island that appeared to border James Island. At every turn we were positive this would be the road that would land us on the Island. We finally gave up and later learned it is uninhabited and only accessible by boat (strike one).

Oh well…We checked the map and decided to head south to try our luck exploring Johns Island. Our drive took us through a small business area we assumed was the town center. We continued south and found quaint rural neighborhoods as well as majestic old homes. Our interest peeked as we passed signs for Irvin House Vineyards and Firefly Distillery along with the Charleston Tea Plantation (discoveries to be explored later). We soon found ourselves at the oceans edge and end of the road in Rockville.

Another look at the map (and shot of the dart) sent us toward Seabrook Island. We headed north, cut over on an easterly road then turned onto a southern route. Again, we found ourselves at dead-ends, turning here and there accomplishing nothing, reminiscent of our Morris Island wild goose chase. With persistence we finally came to the GATED community of Seabrook Island (strike two).

Oh well…we headed back towards the town center of Johns Island. Surprisingly, we found it with ease as if we were after a pot of gold with a rainbow to lead us. At the end of the rainbow we actually found the proverbial pot of gold when we spotted the sign (glowing with a golden hue of course) for Seanachai’ Social Club and Irish Pub. Dang it was closed…no luck of the Irish here…

But wait…as we walked back to the parking lot a car pulled in next to our jeep. A woman popped out and introduced herself as Kelly. With key in hand, she welcomed us into the pub even though they didn’t open for business for another 30 minutes. It was a IMG_7632quaint little pub like those we visited in Balleybunion while vacationing in Ireland. They feature very lengthy lists of wines, whiskey and beer. Gerry (owner /bartender/cook…and from Ireland) came in soon after. We felt as though we were visiting with old friends as we chatted and sipped on a local dark brew. Both Kelly and Gerry were a wealth of information jotting down various places they thought we would enjoy while in the area. We hit the jackpot when we wandered upon this place. This list would keep us busy for the rest of our visit in Charleston.

2 thoughts on “Strike-outs, Discoveries and Finally the Jackpot ~ 10”

  1. Aren’t you headed to where it’s WARM ????? Today our wind chill is suppose to be -20. YEH and Sunday it was 52 !!! Our Boys were here for CHRISTMAS oh what fun !!!! Check my Facebook and see how they have grown. Gavin now 14 and Ethan 11. Brian’s new Friend May seems VERY NICE ! The Boys took right to her. We are headed to Fl at the end of the month and come home the middle of the fist week in March. Then March 27 we head to San Jaun and leave on a cruise.head home April 6th. Take care and don’t forget to checkout MY Boys. Love Ya, Judy


    1. Hey Judy…yuck…-20…no thanks! That must have been wonderful to have everyone home for Christmas. I will check out your photos of the boys. Time goes by so fast…doesn’t it Bama. Enjoy your winter travels. Sounds like you will be busy. Love ya…tell Dick hello.


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