Flash Forward~Hamilton Pool Preserve~Dripping Springs,Texas ~ 15

I’m trying to ignore the fact that I am so bad at this blogging thing. My last post was recent but contained pictures and info from November when we were in Daytona, Florida. We’ve schlepped through Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and now are in Texas. I’ve had such good intentions…honestly…I have  taken hundreds of pictures using both my SLR camera and iPhone. I’ve even taken notes in some instances but now can’t make sense of them they were from so long ago. I was trying to post our photos and exploits in chronological order but I’ve decided to mix the past with the present.

Soooo… let’s flash forward from Daytona, Florida to Austin, Texas (I will fill in the blanks…I will…I will…I will). We are camping in the Austin area and are enjoying our time here immensely. We are alternating between Austin Urban Outings and Texas Hill Country Excursions. Today  we are visiting Hamilton Pool Preserve located in Dripping Springs, IMG_8862Texas. Absolutely breathtaking! Hamilton Pool is now a popular swimming hole but prior to the 1800’s probably provided shelter and water to the Tonkawa, Lipan and Apache Native Americans. Remains have been discovered that date back over 8000 years.

IMG_8855A short trail (but graded and rocky) from the parking lot runs through a  picturesque canyon to a sprawling pool full of sparkling aqua water. A waterfall sprays overhead at the far end of the pool along with crystal like drips that splay across the roof of the grotto and drop into the pool. The trail passes through the back of the grotto and behind the waterfall. On a hot day swimmers can stand under the waterfall to cool off. Today is warm, but at the moment, bacteria levels DSC_0096are too high for human contact with the water. After a rainy bout of weather, bacteria levels can fluctuate due to run off from area cattle ranches.

Anybody that know’s Neal, they know he hikes for beer. At least that is the joke now. He’s the city boy that I’m always trying to drag into the outdoors.  Anything that remotely resembles a hiking/outdoor like outing has to be disguised in an a “Let’s stop to check out this waterfall then I found this cool place to go for a beer.” I think he’s onto me now.

Today’s carrot is The Salt Lick in nearby Driftwood, Texas.  FullSizeRenderIronically no alcohol is served but it is listed as the best BBQ in the area. BYOB is the policy so we stashed a supply in the jeep before we left for the Preserve. We sat outside in a picnic area to have our cocktails, then moved inside as the air got chilly. Best BBQ is correct! Everything (ribs, turkey, sausage, brisket…sampler was the way to go) was fantastic but the brisket

Huge reward for a little tiny hike.
Huge reward for a little tiny hike.

was perfect. They offer a number of sides that were delicious as well. Next time we’ll leave room for desert.

2 thoughts on “Flash Forward~Hamilton Pool Preserve~Dripping Springs,Texas ~ 15”

  1. Oh, my mouth is watering for the Salt Lick BBQ! My brother lived in San Antonio for several years and when we told him we would be visiting Austin he said two words – “Salt Lick”. Thanks for the heads up about the BYOB.


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