Arizona’s Blooming & “The Nose” is Running~ 20

Poor Neal, he can’t breathe, his eyes are crusty and dripping. Where ever he goes he carries a supply of eye drops, Nasal Crom and Saline…but the desert is in all its GLORY.

We have spent several winters camping south of Tucson in the months of February & March where the elevation is higher and the temperatures are cooler than in the Phoenix Valley. On two occasions in April, after our stay south, we traveled north to Cave Creek to camp. We  had a mini taste of the desert in bloom on those visits but this year we camped in the area for much of the month of March. Neal’s had a whole months worth of sneezing, wheezing and blurry eyed vision while I roam the country side snapping photos of the beautiful blossoms (feeling guilty for my enjoyment of course).

I’ve been cluelessly snapping photos oblivious to the identity of the majority of these beautiful plants. Naturally the Cactus field guide purchased on our first visit to Arizona (years ago) is home. I used a combination of  pamphlets received from parks we’ve camped in and Hopefully I got it right! Any corrections…please let me know.

Hmmmm…Not a good start…This one I couldn’t find. I think it is a  Cholla Cactus but they have pink or green blossoms not yellow. Help is appreciated.
This Saguaro loomed over our camper during our visit to Usery Mountain Regional Park.
Can you find the Saguaro hiding in the Palo Verde Tree?
Desert Sunflower… not sure who the hitch hikers are.
Ocotillo surrounded by Brittlebush
Prickly Pear Cactus
Prickly Pear Cactus
Prickly Pear Blossom
Englemann Hedgehog
Yellow  Brittlebush and red Chuparosa blanket many areas in Cave Creek Regional Park.
Prickly Poppy or Thistle Poppy found on a mountain bike ride through Usery Mountain Regional Park.
Yellow Brittlebush and Red Charparosa brighten the landscape while hiking the Siphon Draw Trail at Lost Dutchman State Park.
Yellow Brittlebush and Red Chuparosa  brighten the landscape while hiking the Siphon Draw Trail at Lost Dutchman State Park.
More Brittlebush and Chuparosa along the rocky Siphon Draw Trail.
Baja Fairy Duster spotted on a jeep trip on the Apache Trail.
Baja Fairy Duster spotted on a jeep trip on the Apache Trail.
Hmmmm…found this one during our jeep trip on the Apache Trail as well. Help is appreciated.
As the temperatures rose through our month-long stay, rattlesnakes could be seen slithering throughout all the campgrounds we visited. This guy was on a mission in the opposite direction so I had the courage to snap a photo.


3 thoughts on “Arizona’s Blooming & “The Nose” is Running~ 20”

  1. These are absolutely gorgeous pictures. We’re still waiting for the snow to let the crocuses find their way out of the ground. Hope Neal is feeling better.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Pat…the desert is beautiful! Hopefully the crocuses will be free when we get home. Neal’s still suffering…he’s in his 6th week of pollen misery but we’re still having fun.


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